Recipe Ratings

I rate my recipes based on several factors.  The scale is from 1-5, and each rating is explained below.

Prep:  How easy is it to prepare the recipe?

1 = easy peasy

5 = difficult like a French cooking masterpiece

Leftovers:  Sometimes, you just need to eat things right away.  Sometimes, they travel well and like to be reheated.

1 = please eat all of it immediately

5 = travels well, freezes well, or makes your co-workers super jealous when you heat it up the next day

Guilt Factor:  As cyclists, we sometimes treat ourselves to indulgent foods.  Like a belgian beer, sausage, and frites (YUM)!  Sometimes, you want to eat a little more healthy.

1 = health-nut approved

5 = better go for a 5-hour ride tomorrow (but it was worth it!!)

Overall:  Some recipes are solid, good food, and some recipes are awesome!

1 = make it once and forget that ever happened

5 = you might have vivid dreams about this delicious concoction


9 thoughts on “Recipe Ratings

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