About Us

Meet the Hungry Cyclists

We’re just two crazy kids who like to play around on bikes.  Oh, we’ve got day jobs too, but they just give us something to do while we’re resting our legs!  We hope you enjoy reading about our riding, training, and cooking adventures.

Jameson at ToPC

Jameson is the bike mechanic/coach.  He keeps all of our machines running smoothly and tries to make sure we’re getting faster.

Diedre at Reston

Diedre is the nutritionist/chef.  She makes sure we have some good fuel to keep the legs spinning, and likes to experiment in the kitchen when she’s not too tired from the rest of her crazy life.

The Hungry Cyclists have a little entourage: meet our furry companions!

Bianchi is the queen of the living room and likes to juxtapose our indoor intervals with a good, hard nap on the couch.

Ozmataz Buckshank

Oz is the Hungry Cyclists’ mascot, accompanying us to many of our races and “cheering” (read: barking loudly when riders go past) everyone on to victory! He is also the cross-training coach, making sure Diedre gets out for a run with regularity.


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