Palak Paneer with Naan

Sometime recipes can seem intimidating, especially if it’s an unfamiliar cuisine or requires ingredients that you don’t work with often. I’ve always been intimidated by Indian food because:

1. It’s so delicious that I fear I will not be able to capture the authentic flavor at home and will be disappointed, and

2. In speaking with Indian friends I have gathered that recipes are often unique to a person or family and that seems like something special I don’t want to tinker with because I myself am not Indian.

I have, however, found an excellent recipe for Palak Paneer from Cook with Manali that I want to share. This is NOT my own recipe, and I suggest you try and follow Manali’s version as closely as possible. I have been unable to easily locate paneer, so the one exception I’ve made is to use a very firm queso fresco instead. And to make quinoa instead of basmati rice because my pantry was low on rice at the time lol! So I guess that is two exceptions. You should definitely make basmati rice for serving if possible!

Also, I really enjoy making naan as a side to this dish. I realize that naan is not traditionally made with everyday weeknight Indian food, but I love the texture and I love making it and it makes me feel like I’m eating takeout from a really great Indian restaurant. You can buy naan at the store, or you can use this recipe from Budget Bytes, with which I’ve had great success.

Hope you enjoy this tasty and filling vegetarian option as much as we do! I’ve made this several times since discovering the recipe and I am interested to try freezing it for my maternity leave freezer stash (yes, I’m planning to stockpile home cooked meals for when the baby arrives because I know we won’t feel good living off of pizza, Kraft Mac and cheese, takeout, and minimal sleep).

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