Race Reports!! Iowa Race Weekend & Silver Island RR


Pretty much all of Iowa that I saw looked like this.

Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve had the privilege of writing a race report! I guess that’s what moving to MN will do for you? We finally got our first two weekends of racing under our belts for 2014, so I figured it was time to write an update.

Despite the hard winter and long trainer hours, our first race weekend in Iowa was bit of a let-down. We didn’t do badly, we just discovered that we’re not in quite the same shape as 2013 (no substitutes for riding outside all winter, I guess). Jameson raced the RR and TT on Saturday before scurrying home to study for finals, and I race the RR/TT and Sunday crit.

The Chris Lillig Memorial Road Race course was windy, which is not my favorite kind of riding. My race was three laps, and I participated in the chase that took all of Lap 2 to catch a 2-woman break up the road. There were two strong teams in the mix, and a field of 20 or so women, but only about 5 of us were willing to chase/didn’t have teammates up the road, making for one hard lap! Coming up to the finish on the last lap, we had about an 18 mph tail wind (fun!), and I managed to sprint into a 9th place in the bunch. After a little down time, I suited up and went out for another lap of the course for the TT. All the TTs in the Midwest Flyover Omnium Series are stock/Merckx style (no aero gear), so I surprised myself by making up a lot of time into the headwind section of the course. I ended up 8th in the TT – not too shabby.


My friends Ken and Jennie also made the trip – aren’t they a cute bike racing couple?

Jameson was feeling a little under the weather, but helped his team in the RR (finished 35th) and took 9th in the TT. His race on Sunday (although he was not present) was the most exciting race of the weekend, due to the severe weather sirens blaring in the middle of the race! The officials brought the race to a halt, but after a quick check of the radar, decided the men could safely race 5 more laps. Jameson’s teammate Lev had been in a solo break with a 20 second lead, so they gave him a head start and unleashed the masses. Lev managed to hold the lead for those 5 laps, winning the crit. Then everyone made a beeline for the cars and managed to pack up before the downpour started. Whew!


Jameson’s teammate Lev holding off the masses in his breakaway effort.

Today, we both raced the Silver Island Road Race in Henderson, MN. The fields were a bit small, due to an exciting stage race in LaCrosse, WI; however, it was a nicely orchestrated event and a fun course. More wind (always with the wind), but there was an appreciable climb up to the finish. My race of three women started with the men’s 3/4, and I made it almost one lap before getting caught on the wrong side of a split and subsequently riding the rest of the race with my new friend, Emily. We had a “Ladies’ Agreement” that we would ride together until the final climb, and then let loose and see what happened. I spun past her to snag second place, but she was a good sport and even gave me some baked goods after the race 🙂

Jameson’s race had a few more riders and a lot more action. He managed to get away with his teammate John, then push the pace in the final few miles, ultimately snagging the win.

2014 is off to a slow start, but I hope to treat you all to some more race reports in the near future! Definitely some more of the Midwest Flyover races – I’m currently 10th overall in the standings, so you better believe I’m going to try and hold my spot!


Happy Riding,

The Hungry Cyclists

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