Changing It Up With Cross Training


Happy 2014 everyone! 2013 was a pretty good year on the bike: Jameson and I both really enjoyed our new road teams, and Jameson earned his Cat 1 upgrade. We’ll just ignore the cross season – not the best for either of us ha ha!

Every year it seems like I spend a good month or two being fed up with my bike. I know not everyone is this way, but many other cyclists have similar feelings. The fact is that it is a lot more fun to get in shape than to try and maintain fitness once you have it. Setting goals and watching yourself improve every day feels better than bemoaning the loss of your base miles, along with your cycling tan, during the winter. Yes, there are those cyclists who will keep riding despite the cold, but I am not one of them. There are also those, like Jameson, who seem to be able to keep riding the trainer every day and keep doing their intervals and never get burned out… I am not one of those people, either.

Jameson on the trainer, always 🙂

This year, I have been trying a different approach and really getting in to “cross training.” Note: I do not mean cyclocross training! I have been running, skiing, yoga-ing, core strengthening, and I even let my sister, a track and cross country runner, talk me in to doing her weight training together one day.

Me, on the elliptical trainer, earning some more holiday treats!

It has actually been refreshing, mentally, and I am now looking forward to starting my training plan next week! I am even considering keeping the running in my plan throughout the year (Oz is a great running buddy). Do you cross train? In the winter, or year-round?

-The Hungry Cyclists

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