Getting Back on the Bike

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here! After the Chesco Road Race on the 4th of July, life started to get kind of crazy. Not only were we still racing every weekend, we were also packing, and at the end of July, everything we owned got shoehorned into a U-Haul truck and carted 1,100 miles from Baltimore to Minneapolis.

Welcome to Minnesota!

We’d made that trip once before, and it was no more fun the second time! I stayed in MN just long enough to get Jameson settled in, then returned to MD to get back to finishing my PhD.

About two weeks after the move, I got a phone call from Jameson informing me that he had just crashed while racing at the velodrome, and was pretty sure he’d broken his hand. This was indeed the case, and after receiving some pins to hold the healing bone in place, the doctors gave him a cast which he affectionately called “the club.”

Jameson and “the club” at the Minnesota State Fair

With him having a broken hand and me trying to finish experiments and write a thesis, it goes without saying that our training suffered a little bit over the months of August and September.

October rolled around, bones healed, thesis writing was completed, and it seemed like a great opportunity to start racing and training again. After having zero intention of racing cyclocross, I managed to complete¬†three cross races in a single weekend, followed by a trip to MN where I partook in my first-ever midwest cross race. Jameson also raced that weekend (despite still not being cleared to ride by his doctor!), and it felt great to be back racing. Well, it felt great for one lap of the race, and then both of us realized how little fitness we had remaining. That’s neither here nor there…

Unicorn sock FTW. No better way to get back to ‘cross!

At any rate, I’m looking forward to sharing our late-season cross adventures again, and how we deal with getting in shape for road season while experiencing actual winter for the first time in four years. Should be fun!


-The Hungry Cyclists

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