Chesco Road Race and 4th of July Fun!

Yesterday was a glorious holiday filled with bikes, beer, grilling, pool time, and sparklers!

We got up super, super early so that I could make my 8:12 start time at the Chesco Road Race in PA.  This race also happened to be the PA state road championship race, so the turnout for my field was about 30 women.  The 53 mile race consisted of 4 laps around PA’s beautiful rolling hills and farmland.  It was a fun race, and despite cramping on the last lap (resulting in the “Gu of Desparation” that I should have eaten 30 minutes earlier), I managed a 13th place.  My teammates Bad Kat and BChan also raced, and we were lucky enough to have two additional CAWES women in the feed zone, taking care of our hydration needs (thanks Choppah and Sara).

Jameson’s race started at 10:45.  Now, let me tell you, I finished my race and felt like I had jumped in a swimming pool – that’s how muggy and hot the weather was.  Temps only increased as the day went on, and the cloud cover we’d had in the morning started to disappear.  Jameson’s race was 92 miles.  It was going to be HOT!  The men’s P/1/2 field boasted a fair number of actual pros on this fine, hot day, including this guy from FDJ.  For those who clicked the link and don’t speak French, I hope you can still appreciate that this guy is a legit Euro pro.  He is apparently coached by someone in the Philly area, and thought it might be fun to show up to a local race.  Another well-known PA local came out for the race, so Jameson was excited to see what might unfold over 92 miles of racing in this group.

An early breakaway went, and Jameson decided to try and bridge up to the group solo.  Shortly after he left the field, Rollin attacked and brought a handful of others with him.  The new break was about 12 strong, and riders were dropping out of the main field left and right due to the increasing heat and increased pace.  Jameson rode in this break for several laps, and described some fierce efforts by Rollin.  Eventually, Jameson’s earlier efforts caught up with him, and he couldn’t carry on.  He still rode his way into 14th place.  He had a great time riding with that group, but wished that he had been a little smarter and more conservative with his energy.

Jameson was completely exhausted after that race.  "This is how every road race should make you feel."

Jameson was completely exhausted after that race. “This is how every road race should make you feel.”

After all that racing, we went to a friend’s house and hung out by the pool.  We capped off the day with sparklers and shortcake, making for a pretty awesome holiday.

A few more races left before the big move, so hopefully I can keep up with the race reports 🙂

Hope you all had a happy and fun 4th of July!

-The Hungry Cyclists

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