Big Changes

So, some of you may be wondering, “Where have all the blog posts gone?”  I know, I know.  I was fairly consistent throughout ‘cross, then I kinda used the holidays as an excuse, and then…

…life exploded.

We’re facing some pretty big changes around here that have led to having a lot less free time, so please bear with me as I give you an explanation.

The first big change is that Jameson will be going to dental school in August!  Very exciting!  It’s something he’s wanted for a long time, so we’re thrilled that he got in to a great school.  That great school, however, is in Minnesota.  Yup.  That is the second big change:  a long-distance move in our near future.  We actually did this move 4 years ago – we moved from MN to MD when I started my PhD.  This time, the reverse move will be (hopefully) a little easier, but then again there’s never any guarantee that moving will go off without a hitch.

This will provide interesting life challenges because I’m not quite done with my degree.  Finishing a PhD in the sciences (or any discipline, really) is like trying to hit a moving target.  A moving target that is running away from you at full speed.  I’m trying to finish my thesis work ASAP, so instead of writing awesome blog posts, I’ve been writing not-so-awesome lab notes.  Fun times.  Not.

At any rate, we’re both excited, yet sad to be leaving Maryland.  We’ve enjoyed the cycling immensely, and will miss all our friends/teammates/competitors that we’ve met over the years.  The cycling community here has been great, the riding fantastic, and the racing some of the best ever!  That’s a lot to be leaving behind.

I’ll try and pop in with a few posts here and there, but they might not be fancy or include a lot of pictures.  Awesome posts will hopefully reappear after I graduate and track down a job!

Thanks for reading, and we’re looking forward to sharing our new adventures in Minnesota cycling with you (two words: TRACK RACING) 🙂


-The Hungry Cyclists

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