hope you’re hungry

Hello!  Welcome!  I’ve finally given in to an urge I’ve had for a while and started a blog.  Trust me, this is more for myself than for anyone who might want to read what I write.  I am, as I’ve come to learn, a serious writing addict.   Which is fortunate because writing is a requirement for blogging.  I have this need to empty my head of all my random thoughts, and it’s been growing worse lately, perhaps because my head feels more full than it used to.  Grad school will sometimes do that to you… but that is another story entirely.

This story, the story I’ll be telling all of you, has to do with a boy who fell in love.  No, no.  Not in love with me.  With bikes.  That would be THIS GUY:

That’s not really mud… Nittany Lion Cross 2011

Jameson fell hard for bikes and all things cycling-related, and when I met him, he decided to drag me into his obsession as well.  You won’t hear me complaining!  I’m nearly as addicted to bikes as I am to writing.  I don’t know what sort of deluded existence I was living in when I proclaimed to Jameson that he would “never in a million years get me on a bike.”  Famous last words.

Let me tell you, I never pictured this! Hyattsville 2011.

Spending so much time on a bike has its drawbacks.  Your non-cycling friends, your parents, your boss… they all keep asking when cycling season ends.  Ha!  Ends?  Right.  You also need to fuel those long miles, and doing so requires an embarrassingly large grocery bill.  Just think of all the money saved on gas for the car, though!  Because we eat a lot, testing out new recipes occupies quite a large part of my time.  Taste-testing said recipes occupies a large part of Jameson’s time 😉

The story I’ll be telling here is pretty much about our life:  we race, we eat, we train (ok, and we go to work, but no one wants to read a blog about how many experiments I did in lab this week and how none of them worked).  By doing this, we get to go to some awesome places, and we’ve met some pretty special people.

We’re looking forward to sharing our adventures with you in the posts to follow!

-two hungry cyclists (D + J)

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